Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Pics & Things I want you to know........

New Clients are great and even seasoned clients who have been with me for a while but...... all I want to say is , I apologize if I was busy and could not return your call or text in a timely manner; I was busy, when I am with a client doing hair; I normally text and will not answer my phone; if your calling or texting in the evening time or the weekends when I maybe @ home I have 3 boys and may be enjoying family time, I am not avoiding you, I will get back with you when I can. I have been doing hair for over 15 years and have established myself here in Arizona and currently have a 2 week waiting list to schedule your appointment (I CANNOT TAKE SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS); do not get mad when you call @ 1pm asking me, Hey Joya can I get my hair done today; most likely the answer will be no, but I want YOU to know: I value your business and your time and will do my best to give you the appointment time and day you desire; which may be the next following week; BUT if you cannot make the appointment, can you at LEAST call or text me so I can give that time to another person rather than wait on you; when you know you are not going to make the appointment; in addition, if your running late can you PLEASE call or text me: if you are more than 10 minutes late and arrive please do not be upset when I call another client to come in so that I do not have wasted time for the day, not making money for the time I gave to you,...... if you are not happy with the service let me know so I can fix it rather than talk bad about me, I want you to leave happy and I want you know I am a human with 2 hands and 10 fingers who cannot read your mind and wonder if you like what I have done or hate it and now your never going to call me again....... I am only doing my best! & I understand if we are not compatable; but please have communication with me and let me know..... in any relationship communication is kinda important.

Call me for cornrow braid hair extensions or sew in weave hair extensions, appointments available this week.

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