Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rest In Peace Whitney Houston

I was so so so sad when I heard that Whitney Houston passed away, she had all that talent and was so beautiful," I am like why?... How...where...DAMN! It is so typical for a entertainer of such huge status to follow in the footsteps of Billie Holiday, Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson, its "Tragic"...... to die so young when you did not need to! I remember my Mother taking me and my cousin to see the bodyguard after school because we got all A's on our homework that week and on the ride home talking about how Whitney Houstons looked so pretty in the movie; those songs sounded good and her acting was great; I also remember watching waiting to exhale and falling in love with hairstyles and feeling like, Whitney Houstons hair was so Bomb and I wanted to learn how to do hair weaves really good and would practice on my Mothers hair, so I could be a great hair weaver; to practice on my craft; Rest In Peace Whitney Houston and I pray for her daughter to get the strength during this tragic and unfortunate time. I myself am an only child and its always been me and my Mom against the world... my Mother and I actually had a falling out over Christmas 2011 and were not talking, the news of, "Whitney Houston dead @ 48", I called my momma and was like, "Did You Hear Whitney Died"! We had not talking in like 2 months; which is a long time considering that although she stays in Georgia and I am here in Arizona, we speak like 3 times a day.... she apologized ... we caught up on time, .. we chatted, she asked about my husband and 3 boys, we are cool now (I am happy)and life is short so we are Friends again. God is good, my Mother still shares this planet with me, I can see her, I can touch her, I can call her,....... I am blessed. Below are pictures of my Mother "Honey"

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